Weight Loss Surgery Grants Possible? Where to Find them?

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Weight Loss Surgery Grants

Obesity is a prevalent societal problem as well as an individual challenge. The percentage of the population dealing with obesity continues to grow, and the draw on public funding due to the abundant health-related costs that result from obesity is a drain on all taxpayers. It’s for the public good, therefore, for non-profit organizations as well as the government to make it possible to secure weight loss surgery grants. Knowing where to find them and how to secure them are the challenges since they’re somewhat obscure and limited.

Whether you find a grant or obtain a personal loan, do not allow funding problems to prevent you from achieving health and positive self-worth. When diet and exercise aren’t working or the amount to lose is simply too daunting, make bariatric surgery happen for yourself.

Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (www. WLSFA.org)

To qualify for one of the grants provided annually by the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America, you must meet certain qualifying standards. These include that you be a patient of a bariatric surgeon and facility that’s classified as a “Center of Excellence.” You should be referred by your surgeon and be approved for the surgery by said surgeon. The final qualifying factor is that you should have no insurance or have insurance that denies coverage of your bariatric procedure. You’ll be expected to raise 10% of the cost of your procedure and be willing to promote the organization in future publications and promotions.

Clinical Trials

While clinical trials aren’t exactly the same as grants, they might provide the same advantages. The possibility of participating in a clinical trial studying bariatric surgery is limited, but it’s worth a quick check if it means being able to have life-transforming bariatric surgery without it costing a fortune. 

Charity Care

Another option worth looking into is charity care. If your obesity is to the level of preventing you from working or caring for yourself or your family, local facilities and doctors might be willing to take your case on a charitable basis. Call local hospitals and request charity forms and discuss your options with the relevant departments. 

Tax Deduction

If you can’t secure a grant, participate in a clinical trial, or gain charity care, you can always claim a portion of the costs on your tax return. Since these procedures are fairly expensive, the savings can be significant. 

Weight-Loss Surgery Travel

Traveling out of the country to pursue weight-loss surgery is more and more feasible of an option. Doctors and clinics in Mexico aren’t subject to the same regulations as those in the US, so fees and expenses are much less. Safety and efficacy aren’t affected by the change in location either. 

By making this choice, you will be able to have a life-changing procedure, along with nutrition and pre-screening counseling, and the cost will be comparable to what you’d pay for the same procedure in the States even if you were to get the same kind of assistance you’d receive with a grant or charity aid.

If bariatric surgery seems to be the only option you have left to return to physical health and a positive self-worth, don’t let economic hurdles keep you from achieving the procedure you need. Diligence pays when it comes to finding financial assistance. You might be fortunate enough to receive a grant or charitable assistance, but even if you aren’t, you can take advantage of tax benefits or even medical related travel to have this life-changing surgery. You deserve to live without the burden of obesity hampering your mobility, your career, your relationship, and your confidence!

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